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Electronic Home Monitoring (EHM)

A-SPEEDY EHM | 888-400-8148 | OPEN 24HRS

Introducing Electronic Home Monitoring (EHM) - a cutting-edge ankle monitoring program that is both discreet and innovative. Say goodbye to the bulky and cumbersome ankle monitors of the past! Our sleek device pairs seamlessly with your smartphone, providing you with real-time updates to ensure that you remain in compliance with your house arrest order.


*If you are outside these areas, call us and see if we can help you today!

New tech.
Easy Payments
No Hassle

Call us today to get set up on House Arrest 888-400-8148

Electronic Home Monitoring (EHM) through A-Speedy EHM is a no-hassle, worry-free process. We know that working through the EHM process can be overwhelming. Let us help ease the stress.

With flexible payment options and affordable monitoring services, A-Speedy EHM is here to be your trusted EHM provider.

Are you ready to start the process?

Call us now! 888-400-8148

No more BRICK devices on your ankle!

Our ankle monitor is some of the newest tech in its class. As small as a Fitbit and lighter than an Airpod case. Our ankle monitor just needs you to have a smart phone device. IOS 6 and up or newer Android devices.

Call us today! 888-400-8148

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